Collaborative robots

EGATEC is a distributor of collaborative robots, also known as Cobots from the Danish company Kassow Robots. Kassow Robots has developed a strong series of unique and efficient 7-axis lightweight robots for industrial applications. The market’s widest product range, with 5 strong and competitive models from payload of 5kg up to 18kg and ranges of up to 1.8mtr.

These cobots are a really good supplement to our already wide product range within packaging, palletizing and internal transport.
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Key functions

  • Payload – 5kg op til 18kg
  • Range up to 1,8mtr.
  • 7-axis
  • Strong, fast and simple

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Kassow Robots ”Strong – Fast – Simple”

collaborative robots

With the addition of cobots from Kassow Robots, EGATEC can add a new product range to our existing End-of-line solutions. This gives the ability to solve even the smallest task, both in size and budget. Kassow Robots compliments EGATEC machinery using high quality materials and ensuring that the resulting solutions are industrial grade and meant to last.

KR810 - Cobots


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