EGApicker palletizing robot

EGApicker – palletizing robot

EGApicker is delivered as a 4 axis standard robot that handles multiple boxes at a time. The number of palletizing stations, interlayer magazines, pallet magazines and inlet/outlet conveyor systems are all configurable. –

EGApicker palletizing robot

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Palletizing robot for handling cardboard sheets

Normally, cardboards are lifted up manually to a punching machine involving heavy lifts and awkward postures, which has a harmful effect on the employee. Therefore, the customer needed a solution that could replace this manual process.

The project has fully lived up to our goal of increased automation, and an improved working environment. The machine is easy to adapt to new formats and the control system is simple and logical – and only requires a short learning period for the operator. We are very pleased with the solution that meets our expectations 100%. The cooperation has been very positive and constructive. Egatec has been responsive to our everyday challenges with production of cardboard in all kinds of dimensions, and has produced a solution that takes care of this. The machine was delivered on time and meets the agreed service, in terms of both cycle time and downtime.

Jan Drøssler, CEO – Jessen Emballage


Palletizing robot


  • Plug and play palletizing robot
  • Can be fitted to your production
  • Cycle time up to 10 picks per minute
  • Possible to make 10 palletizing stations
  • Silent operation
  • Handles up to 100 kg/pick
  • Minimum footprint
  • Userfriendly control system. Operators can easily edit and make new palletizing patterns


  • Gripper tool or Vacuum tool
  • Fork tool
  • Interlayer magazine
  • Built in pallet magazine
  • Automatic pallet change
  • Stainless steel edition
  • High speed pattern builder
  • Automatic label dispenser


Dimensions L X B: 2.550 X 1.600mm (base unit)
Configurability: The number of palletizing stations, interlayer magazines, pallet magazines,
in- and outlet conveyor systems are all configurable
Cleaning: EGApicker is easy to clean, and we are also food industry approved
Accessibility: Good accessibility and easy loading and unloading
Construction: The mechanical construction of EGApicker is very rigid which allows high
speeds because of the stability
Extra tools: More gripper tools available
Axes: 4 (3 baseaxis X, Y, Z and rotation of head)
Product weigth: max. 100 kg.
Capacity: max. 10 picks/min.

Gripper head: Unigrip (Universal vacuum gripper head)
Inlet conveyor width: 300mm (Configurable)
Colour: Configurable
Material: Painted steel. Zinc plated
Pallet size: 800×1200mm (Configurable)
Load height: 2200mm (Configurable)
Min. height to ceiling with fixed Z-axis: 5.200mm (At load height of 2200mm)
Min. height to ceiling with telescopic Z-axis: 4.200mm (At load height of 2200mm)
Weight: 1.200 kg depending on configuration

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