EGAroller consists of painted steel beams, galvanized rollers with chain drive and a separate gear motor. All parts can be customized so in principle there are no restrictions on width, length or roll type.

If you choose the optional power box, it saves time on the electric installation especially if several carriers must be coupled together – it can easily be adjusted with connectors. At the same time the built-in BUS system makes it easy to integrate the conveyors in a line management.


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EGAroller 2


  • Width and length can be customized
  • Modular
  • Powered by a separate AC gear motor
  • Silent operation


  • Electrical cabinet with BUS-system and frequency converter
  • Stainless steel
  • Different supports
  • Optional engine placement – under the roller or on the side
  • Side guide
  • Buffer function
  • Sensor for inlet and delivery
  • Stop functions
  • EGAtranfer cart integration
  • Can be delivered with rolls or chains


Speed: 0.049 to 0.913 m/s
Product weight: 1500 kg.
Length: Min. 1400mm (Customizable)
Width: Standard 1000mm (Customizable)
Belt type: Galvanized steel roller with chain drive
Drive type: Separate AC gear
Colour: Customizable
Material: Painted steel/zinc plated
Weight: 380 kg. (Standard module)

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