About Egatec

EGATEC A/S offers a full program of automatic packaging machines, and complete Turnkey Packaging Solutions, for a wide array of functions and products.

Egatec domicil

Based on many years of experience, we build solid and thoroughly tested packaging machines that meet future challenges. We offer stand-alone solutions and complete Turnkey packaging solutions, both nationally and internationally, where everything from design and construction to production and testing takes place at EGATEC in Denmark.

Since 2003, we have delivered more than 350 automation solutions and we have never given up on a single project.
– This is the DNA of EGATEC.

It is our objective to provide high quality solutions, whether it is standalone og turnkey solutions – whether it is for food handling, metal, medicine or other applications, we can help you automate and streamline your production processes.

Our team consists of highly skilled employees who have the necessary knowledge and experience to help our customers improve their productivity through automation and robot technology by offering solutions of high reliability, high performance and low costs.