EGAlift – case elevator

Case elevator EGAlift consists of two standard components – our own linear guiding system and our conveyor. Both can be customized for your needs, so there are virtually no limitations on how many boxes, or how high or low EGAlift operates.

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  • Adaptable to all case sizes
  • Modular
  • Silent operation
  • Built in reject function
  • Can deliver cases to two sides
  • Can deliver cases in different height positions


  • Configurable conveyor
  • Stainless steel edition
  • Special lifting height


Dimensions (L x B x H): 1120x950x2860mm (Configurable)
Case size (L x B x H): Configurable
Capacity/cycle time: 8 sec./lift
Product weight: Max. 50 kg.
Lifting height: 2500mm (Configurable)
Delivery height: Can deliver cases in different height positions
Reject function: On both sides

Conveyor length: 530mm (Configurable)
Conveyor width: 400mm (Configurable)
Colour: Configurable
Material: Painted steel. Zinc plated
Weight: 300 kg. – depending on configuration

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