Mattress Industry

EGATEC A/S has a different and innovative approach when designing mattress machines compared to other suppliers for the mattress industry.

Why?:  – Interdisciplinary experience between different industries provide EGATEC with a new way of thinking when designing products for the mattress industry. EGATEC has produced machines and systems for various industries in many years always with thoughts of “Lean Thinking”.

View our products made for the mattress industry. And contact sales,  for a non-committal talk about new solutions for the production, assembling, packaging or palletizing.

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Machines for the mattress production

The crane is designed to pack and palletize mattresses in plastic and cardboard box

Mattress Flipper with forward and sideways rotation, look here to see the mattress flipper integrated in a system

The Stack Lifter lifts up mattresses from horizontal to vertical. The stack is palletized when lifted

Roller conveyors to rotation of either soft or firm mattresses.

Unwinder with table suitable for unwinding of feder cores

Shuttle car for mattresses. This edition is designed with a turnable table

This Pressure unit is a part of a mattress production line.

Complete workflow for mattress production

EGATEC develop workflows for different steps of the mattress production. And when we design, we have a holistic approach in order to solve issues that arises at a production, e.g.:

  • The operator’s ergonomy
  • High flexibility in each machine
  • No production loss
  • The operator’s safety
  • LEAN
  • High output

Module based solutions

The systems are modular, meaning that each machine can be combined as needed.

All systems can be made partially or fully automatic as required, and according to existing machines that needs to be integrated into the system.

Please contact us to get a qualified suggestion of a valuable solution for your production.

Complete assembly line for the assembly of mattresses of foam and spring units. Fully or partially automatic

Assembly and packaging line. The spring units are manually loaded in the mattress, and automatically glued and pressed. The mattress is manually packed in cardboard boxes and stacked automatically

Automatic packing of mattresses in boxes. Manual pick and place of cardboard boxes

Production line for assembling mattresses of wooden frames


Pack & Pal

Automatic packing and palletizing system. Fully programmable and can handle different types and sizes of mattresses and box sizes.

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