Egatec Pallet Pattern Generator

An online program that easily and intuitively handles palletizing patterns in our palletizing robot EGApicker.

With drag & drop you can create patterns on a pallet which generate a file that can be read by EGApicker .

software Pallet Pattern Generator

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Create pallet patterns in 4 simple steps:

1. Define pallet and box size

Enter the size of the pallet and the box – there are no restrictions on the size.

2. Generate pallet pattern with drag and drop

The pattern is created by drag & drop. Using the “Rotation” feature, you can rotate the box and create your layer.
The “Multipick” feature allows you to palletize with multiple boxes at a time.

3. Build the pallet by adding layers

Each layer can be built as desired and there is also the possibility to add interlayer and extra pallets.

4. Download the new pattern and import in EGApicker

The generated pattern is imported into EGApicker via USB.

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