Complete palletizing solution

New fully automatic palletizing solution for honey manufacturer Jakobsens A/S with 3 palletizing stations, transfer cart and foil wrapping.

The challenge

For packing and palletizing of honey, Jakobsens had a single palletizing robot for handling three packaging lines. This sometimes created bottlenecks in production.

Jakobsens tapped honey in the same room as they packed and palletized, and this resulted in a noisy production. In addition, part of the process was manual and the goal was to protect the employees from stressful and monotonous tasks.

To manage their production process more efficiently, Jakobsens wanted a fully automated solution – from packaging to foil wrapping. Also, they wanted to be able to easily expand further in the future.

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The solution

Palletizing solution with internal transport

With a new palletizing solution integrated with the existing packaging line, Jakobsens could optimize their internal logistics process and achieve greater capacity.

To make this possible, the palletizing was moved to a room next door, consisting of 3 palletizing lines connected to the packaging area via conveyors located 5.5 meters above the floor. The separation reduced the noise significantly.

The 3 existing packaging lines send the packed honey to 3 case lifts that take the boxes onto a conveyor and transports them to 3 separate palletizing stations. Then, they are lifted onto a pallet according to the requested palletizing pattern, which varies between 1 to 6 boxes per pick. The palletizer EGApicker has a capacity of 4 sec. per cycle.

The wireless transfer cart moves between the palletizing stations and retrieves the full pallets. A robson drive allows for delivery and pickup of pallets to the adjacent roller conveyors. The transfer cart retrieves empty pallets from a pallet magazine and delivers onto a pallet space. This eliminates any manual work. Finally, the pallet is transported to a foil wrapping machine and then to the outgoing conveyors.

With this new solution, Jakobsens achieved increased automation in their packing and palletizing processes and thus higher capacity and productivity. In addition, they now have room for a 4th line.

Jakobsens expects to break even with the investment in 3-4 years.

“There are several roads to Rome – We chose Egatec as a supplier because we had a good feeling about a constructive and solution-oriented partner for a project of that magnitude. We believe we’ve got the solutions we were looking for and the implemented system drives satisfactory. Of course there have been, and still are, some ‘bumps’ along the way, but they have all been resolved sensibly and in acceptable reaction time.

Jakobsens A/S has chosen Egatec as a partner in yet another project.”

René Cederkrantz, fabrikschef – Jakobsens A/S

About Jakobsens A/S

Jakobsens A/S is one of Scandinavia’s largest honey manufacturers. The company’s production is based on traditions dating back to 1921. They offer a wide assortment of conventional, organic and fair trade honeys as well as agave syrup.

Today, the majority of Danish retailers get honey delivered from Jakobsens. In addition, the company exports to a number of large retail chains and catering companies in Europe.

Palletizing solution


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