PC121 Parabolic Chute
Packaging machine

Packaging fresh fruit and vegetables in Punnets, clamshells and topseal.

Packaging system: Parabolic Chute

Key functions

  • Packaging punnets, clamshells and topseal in trays
  • Compact footprint – efficient use of space
  • Painted mild steel or stainless steel
  • High speed – improved productivity

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Packaging system:
Places products in open boxes by pushing them out of a cradle that gently rotates in the box. This means the products are handled with as much care as possible. The product is not exposed to any drop, suction or other external forces. Packaging like this, is as gentle as hand packed.

Products: All types of punnets- flowwrapped, stretchwrapped,
netwrapped, clamshells etc.

Packaging patterns for open trays

600x400mm / 400x300mm


Packaging machine for all types of punnets

Case packer PC121 is for all types of punnets – flow wrapped, strech wrapped, net wrapped – and clamshels etc., packed into open trays, plastic or cardboard.


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