Case packers

Egatec provides professional packaging solutions that are reliable and require minimum of maintenance. The modular system makes it easy to adapt our standard solutions to individual needs and requirements.

When you choose a packaging machine from us, you get a Danish produced quality machine that is thoroughly tested before delivery.

EGApacker case packer

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Case packers


More about EGAwrap-aroundEGAwrap-around case packer

Case packer PC121

More about PC121

Case packer PDS90

More about PDS90A-one case packer

Case packer TV80

More about TV80

Case packer BD606

More about BD606Case packer BD606

Case packer BD606-15

More about BD606-15Case packer BD606-15

Blister packs

More about Blister packsHigh speed machine for packing blister packs

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