Replacement of the turning table with a fully automatic case packer brings many benefits

Automation of the packaging line with a case packer achieved more cost-effective logistics management, flexible handling of the packaging line as well as more uniform packaging at all hours of production – the benefits are many.

Case packer BD606 with a bag drop system is aimed at anyone in need of packing fruit, frozen goods, meat and vegetables in bags and nets up to 5 kg, which must be packed in cardboard or plastic boxes.

Precisely for this reason, it is suitable for productions with round tables and packing tables that want to automate its packing process, but which may have been limited in space or need great flexibility. EGATEC machines can be delivered with Plug and Play.

Experienced automation partner

When you buy a case packer from EGATEC, you get an experienced automation partner which helps with advice, installation, training and ongoing service.

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With a case packer BD606 you achieve i.a.

  • Uniform packaging at all production hours.
  • Packing in many types of boxes, both cardboard and plastic.
  • Independent control system, color HMI up to 99 prescriptions
  • Remote access and service available
  • Small machine that fits in tight packaging lines.
  • One person can operate several machines and keep good distance between staff.
  • Future security and the possibility of industry 4.0 integration.

Case packer BD606 can be used to advantage by everyone, whether you are new to automation or are looking for the next step in automating your packaging line. EGATEC machines can be delivered with plug & play.

5 Significant Benefits of Investing in a BD606 case packer:

  • Case packer BD606 can be used to advantage by everyone, whether you are new to automation or are looking for the next step in automating your packaging line.
  • The size of the machine makes it possible to remove the round table and put the machine in its place, without moving other machines on the line. One person can operate several machines.
  • With a BD606 Case packer, you will be able to pack in both cardboard and plastic boxes and are ready to face the future, as the packaging changes.
  • The machine can be upgraded with empty and full box handling, to achieve a fully automatic packing station.
  • All machines from EGATEC are fully integrated with EGAlog, which allows you to follow the production live via phone, tablet or computer. Then you can keep track of production figures, downtime and service intervals. Read more about EGAlog »

Options for Case packer BD606

With a case packer from EGATEC, you get plenty of opportunities to continuously develop your packing station.

Replace cassette

Replace the cassette with a wide or narrow one as product fits.


vibration ensure even distribution of products in the box

Height control

Quality control of the packed box before palletizing

Full box ejection

Moving the full box in all directions

Box drag in

Drag in empty crates from all directions

Product turner

Turns the product 90 or 180 degrees

Mechanical Box lift

Ensure a gentle packing of products in the box

Expansion for Case packer BD606

Expand the packaging machine with a De-stacker and / or a palletizing system and achieve a fully automatic packaging line.

Handling empty boxes from either pallet or stacks

Avoid heavy lifting with a fully automatic de-stacker. Available for both cardboard and plastic boxes. The fully automatic De-Stacker automatically delivers empty plastic boxes for either manual or automatic filling.

Read more about our De-stacking solutions »

Streamline with a automatic palletizing system.

We offer a flexible and user-friendly palletizing solution that pallets all kinds of boxes on EU, UK, US and international pallets. EGApicker is a Plug and play palletizing robot that can be adapted to your production.

Read more about our palletizing solutions »

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