Packing of blister packs

With a new fully automatic packaging line for packing blister packs, Fertin Pharma employees are spared several visits to the physiotherapist. The machine assembles the boxes, packs the blister packages and puts both tape and labels on the filled box. The machine packs 6 blister packs per second and fills a cardboard box in less than 2 minutes.

The challenge

Previously, operators regularly visited a physiotherapist because of the pain in shoulders and arms due to lifting 55 blister packs down from the discharge conveyor and packing them into a box. Therefore, Fertin Pharma’s leadership wanted to eliminate the arduous task of packing the blister packs manually.

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The solution

The solution was a fully automatic packaging line where the boxes are assembled, blister packages packed, and the filled box taped and labelled. All the heavy work is now eliminated from the packaging process. With a vision system to control the packaging quality, the packed box comes out at the other end; ready for further distribution. The machine packs 6 blister packs per second and fills a cardboard box in less than 2 minutes. This means that, in the future, this kind of task may be staffed sparingly thus keeping the production profitable.

About Fertin Pharma

Based on unique experience and expertise within the world of chewing gum, Fertin Pharma specializes in developing and producing nicotine chewing gum. With an innovative and global profile, Fertin Pharma engages in successful partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies, which has earned the company a position as one of the world’s leading providers of nicotine chewing gum. Fertin Pharma is privately owned and controlled by the Bagger-Sørensen Group in Vejle.

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