EGAtray erector

EGAtray erector is a Danish produced quality machine for automatic erecting of cardboard trays with a capacity of up to 15 trays per minute

The tray erector is designed for self-locking cardboard trays in different sizes without the use of glue or tape. 

Tray erector - compact and efficient

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Watch the EGAtray erector machine in action

EGAtray erector for Packaging solutions


  • Up to 15 trays per minute
  • Different tray sizes
  • Fast changeover
  • Changeable cardboard magazine

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Dimensions (L x B x H): 2700 (3600 with the tunnel guard) x 1800 x 2900 mm
Tray sizes (mm): Width from 200 to 600 / Length from 200 to 400 / Height from 85 to 210)
Capacity: Up to 15 trays per minute (depends on the tray size)
Sealing of the tray: Self-locking trays
Changeover time: approx. 10 minutes
Cardboard magazine height: 1300 mm
Colour: Blue/orange – or after request
Material: Painted steel. Zinc plated
Minimum ceiling height: approx. 3000 mm
Weight: approx. 2500 kg

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