Dispensing machine with buffer

The dispensing machine with buffer is an automation solution with a high buffer capacit.

Dispensing machine with buffer - for cups and trays


  • Dispenses both cups and trays
  • Ensures long periods between refills
  • Performs up to 130 complete cups a minute
  • Works with cups with or without a strainer


  • Central control at the door
  • Overpressure for placements outside the sanitary zone
  • Format option that allows 2 types of cups/trays in the same unit

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Dispensermaskiner for Arla Foods Kruså


Number of buffer lanes: 1 to 4 buffer lanes
Length of buffer lanes: Up to 5000 mm
Height of stack of cups or trays: Up to 500 mm
Outside sanitary zone: Can be set up outside the sanitary zone
– comes with air stable shielding which ensures overpressure
Duplication: Duplication is possible

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